Google came up with a smartphone in the form of a book with pages (2 photos)

Over time, folding smartphones may accepttraditional book form factor with separate pages for each of the open applications. In any case, judging by the recently filed patent application, Google has already thought about this.

The patent has even been issued. Based on it, users of a “smart” book will be able to turn pages, for example, between maps and Gmail. In such a smartphone, individual displays will be attached to the swivel at a distance of 0.005 mm from each other. Moreover, the outer cover will have inflexible displays, and inside there will be flexible screens. The number of pages may be different.

In the stub will be all the necessary hardware.components (processor, memory, battery, and so on) so that the pages are really flexible and thin. So far, the company is working on several prototypes. Will the device come to light and show it to the world while it is difficult to judge.