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Google and Apple are preparing a coronavirus application together

Now to fight the coronavirus that is ragingon the planet, all power is thrown. Any nonsense that seemed important to this had faded into the background. Everyone suffers from the virus, not just those who are sick. This applies to the economy, freedom of movement, travel, entertainment and other aspects of life that we are used to. Fighting with traditional methods is becoming increasingly difficult. First of all, difficulties are associated with the peculiarities of informing people. They could meet with the carrier of the virus, become infected and, suspecting nothing, continue to infect others for two weeks. Especially if the disease is asymptomatic. In order to deal with these cases, Apple teamed up with Google and together they began to develop a joint application. But will it help in the fight against COVID-19?

These companies can change a lot.


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Apple and Google teamed up against coronavirus

The official app designed to help inconfronting coronavirus infection, at the moment there is only one. It was created by the World Health Organization in collaboration with enthusiasts from around the world and will be available on iOS and Android in the coming days or weeks. Its main function is to help identify symptoms of the disease. In addition, it contains information on how to reduce the risk of infection and where to go if it is too late to reduce the risk.

An app developed by Apple and Google, will work on Bluetooth technology Low Energy and will be able to fix the devices of allusers who had contacts with each other. So you can not only record the contacts of a healthy and infected person, but also track their further contacts in order to warn people at risk. This will help them to turn to specialists in time to confirm or refute fears.

Sitting, drinking coffee and on you ...

Data will be collected continuously and not onlyamong your friends, but also among those people that you just met on the street. If you come close enough to each other and the system will know that one of you is sick, it will be wary. To ensure your safety, it will notify everyone you could potentially infect.

If users note in the application that they are sick, they can save tens and even hundreds of lives

For the service to work, only one thing is important. It will be needed from the user. He will have to note in the application that he is infected. After that, everything will work by itself. But how to make users more open? Perhaps the guarantor will be the names of Apple and Google. Few people trust data with third-party services or government agencies. And these guys, like, can.

All data will be collected automatically, and will be transmitted to the server not usernames, but their identifiers. They will not be compared with each other. In addition to this, the data will still be very securely encrypted. This way, it will be possible to avoid surveillance of users and leakage of their personal data. Even if they leak and are decrypted (which is unlikely), no one will know that it is you who is hiding behind the identifier. This is an important point in terms of gaining user confidence. Plus, no one can understand from whom he became infected. Confidentiality will be complete.

How many days does a coronavirus live on money, masks and clothes?

How Bluetooth Low Energy Technology Works

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology It was not chosen by chance for the application to work. It has minimal energy consumption and can even send out messages to other devices nearby for almost months when the smartphone is turned off.

If you do not believe this technology, you can pass the coronavirus audio test.

So, for example, you can find lost or stolen iPhone in the Latitude application, even if the device is turned off. If the iPhone is turned off or a SIM card was taken out of it, it will not be able to access the network on its own, but it will be able to transmit the SOS signal to the iPhone, which was nearby. He already sends a message to the server, they say the loss is found. All this is done automatically and the owner of the smartphone-savior will not even notice that he helped someone find an expensive gadget.

Technology Bluetooth low energy supported on all devices equipped withBluetooth 4.0 This is not a new technology that has been available for several years. For example, Apple introduced it in the iPhone 4s. It can be assumed that the new application from Google and Apple will cover the bulk of the devices, however, official statements by companies in this regard have not yet been received.

In addition, unlike GPS, technologyBluetooth Low Energy allows you to very well record the movements and contacts of people. That is, within a large shopping center, subway car or apartment building, GPS will not work, and Bluetooth Low Energy, on the contrary, will be very effective - it only needs to approach one device to another.

Such functionality is very useful for background work in determining coronavirus infection.

Fake Coronavirus Applications

Let me remind you again that at the moment there is onlyone official coronavirus related app. This is the official app of the World Health Organization. There are no more trusted applications yet.

Only branded applications will make such high-quality instructions.

All other applications are created on the wave.interest in coronavirus and, at best, someone is simply trying to promote a hot topic. There are applications that do real harm. They are asking for access to geolocation, supposedly to show patients nearby. That's just they can not do this and just steal your data. Be careful not to install such applications.

When do you think this is all over? Will the app help cope with the pandemic? Let's discuss this in our Telegram chat.

Can Apple collaborate with Google

We must pay tribute to Apple and Google. In ordinary life, they are competitors and divide among themselves the modern market of communications. But, when a world-wide disaster came, they joined forces and temporarily reconciled, like a lion and an antelope at a watering place. As a result, they are now working together on an application that is tentatively due out in May this year and will greatly help in the fight against the pandemic. Considering that almost all smartphones, with rare exceptions, work on iOS or Android, such cooperation becomes even more important. The only question is what to do with Huawei and Honor smartphones, most of which lack the Google app store?

Personally, the situation now reminds me of a relationshipSteve Jobs and Bill Gates, who competed very strongly in the computer market, but at the same time respected each other and sometimes even collaborated on difficult issues, although not on the same scale as they are now.