Glonass-K2 satellite is planned to be launched this fall (2 photos)

The new generation Russian navigation satellite Glonass-K2 will be launched into orbit at the end of the third quarter. Such terms, according to TASS, were indicated by a source in the rocket and space industry.

Glonass-K2 is an advancedmodification of navigation devices "Glonass-K". New satellites will improve the accuracy of positioning. When creating the onboard equipment "Glonass-K2", the Russian element base is used. The launch of the first satellite "Glonass-K2" was repeatedly postponed due to various reasons. So, it was originally planned to put it into orbit in 2019. Then the dates were postponed to 2020, then to the end of 2021, and then to the spring of 2022. And now a new date has been announced.

“Launch of the new spacecraft “Glonass-K2”scheduled for September of this year, ”said people familiar with it. To date, the GLONASS system includes 25 satellites, of which 22 are used for their intended purpose. Two more devices are temporarily withdrawn from the system, one is at the stage of flight tests.

Source: Roskosmos