Glock 17 - “smart” gun with display and ammo counter (5 photos)

The US corporation Radetec demonstrated an improved version of the Glock 17 pistol at the SHOT Show 2019, held in Las Vegas.

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Note that now there are 2 types of meterscartridges - electronic and mechanical. In the first case, the remainder of the cartridges is counted by shots, in the second, the ammunition indicator is applied through the pushing spring in the store. Of course, this option is optional. After all, a special bolt valve usually indicates an empty magazine. During the shootout, there is no time to check the indicator.

And yet, Radetec experts created Smart shutterSlide with ammo counter and display for Glock 17 army pistol (Austria). The modified gun can tell whether the cartridge was in the chamber, whether the magazine is inserted into the handle and how many cartridges it has left. For this purpose, the shutter was equipped with an OLED-screen, a cartridge sensor, a controller and a Bluetooth module.

It can wirelessly connect topusher, able to determine their own position in the store. The controller reports the exact number of cartridges in the store. It does not matter if it was removed from the gun, as well as fully or partially charged. Smart Slide is compatible with a smartphone application that displays the details of weapon usage statistics.