Global warming will leave more than a billion people without water. How to save stocks?

Future wars may not be or oil, and water is the most accessible resource for people. Man is more than half water; the first mammals came out of the water, the first life was born in the water; without water a person will not live a couple of days. Therefore, if you take away from him access to fresh water, humanity will be threatened.

Scientists from the Potsdam Institute,Climate change researchers said climate change will have a major impact on the world's water resources. More than a billion people live in countries with insufficient water, and population growth in these regions in the future will only aggravate the situation.

What will happen to water on Earth

The study indicated that even if the averageThe global temperature will increase by two degrees Celsius per year, which is the most optimistic scenario, soon almost a billion people will leave their habitat, since they will remain without water at all.

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According to one expert, the mostglobal warming will hit the center of Africa and south Asia, and only then will affect the northern regions. It is not known when the “water crisis” will begin, however a number of countries are already beginning to carry out some measures to reduce water consumption per person. California Governor seeks state support to protect farms from drought.

For clarity, scientists have mapped and identifiedcountries where water shortage will be most noticeable (they are highlighted in blue and blue). It is noteworthy that in Russia the shortage of water resources is expected only in the European part, and at first it will not be noticeable for the population of our country.

Earlier this year, specialists from ColumbiaThe university said that the “water crisis” will affect many more regions in the United States than previously thought, including New York, Los Angeles and even the capital of the country - Washington. The reason is the increase in the population in US cities: since 1950, it has grown by almost 99%, while water consumption has increased by 130%. If this trend continues, the only solution will be to use water more efficiently.

World population growth (current and projected) in millions of people

We spend the water as we want, because it is cheap, ”says Tess Rousseau, a scientist at Columbia University.

How to solve the problem of water shortage

Rousseau claims that technology for efficientwater consumption exists now, but getting farmers to spend money on expensive equipment is not so simple. Therefore, the implementation of such programs is extremely necessary state support.

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New discoveries can also help.water sources. So, in June, scientists discovered one of the largest reserves of fresh water. It turned out that freshwater reserves extend from Massachusetts to New Jersey, and affect Delaware, New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. With a length of 350 kilometers, the reservoir contains 2.8 thousand cubic kilometers of slightly saline water. However, before consuming such water, it is necessary to desalinate it.

The water supply is highlighted in yellow.

According to experts, reserves could have been formed 15-20 thousand years ago. And who knows how many water sources there are in the world that we don’t even suspect.

All the same, if you do not start saving water rightNow, the consequences could be catastrophic. Not for us, but for the day of our descendants. And although in Russia the shortage of water will not be very noticeable at first, in the future the chain reaction will affect all countries. Think about it the next time, without need, leave the faucet open in the bathroom.

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