Global warming has had an impact on the fishing industry.

Scientists have already figured out how to graduallyThe increase in air temperature on Earth will affect glaciers, sea level and the animals themselves. It turned out that the consequences had already begun, and very frightening - the researchers announced that the population of fish had noticeably decreased due to the rising water temperature. This has affected the fishing industry: income from this business has declined, and residents of regions where they have to rely more on seafood, are at risk of lack of food.

The study was conducted by experts fromRutgers University: they combined data on fish populations with a map of the rising temperatures of the world's oceans from 1930 to 2010. This allowed them to understand how warming affected fishing in the last 80 years. It turned out that the amount of fish caught decreased from 4% to 35%. The regions that suffered the most damage include the Sea of ​​Japan, the East China Sea, and the North Sea.

We were stunned to find that warmingOcean has already had an impact on fisheries around the world. These are not hypothetical changes that will occur sometime in the future, this is what is happening right now.

Malin Pinsky, study co-author

The implications of the globalwarming can affect the global economy and the lives of ordinary people. After all, about 56 million workers work in the fish industry, and people in coastal countries are very dependent on seafood. Fishery managers have already begun to stop overfishing and look for ways to restore populations. Some experts believe that the problem can be solved by establishing new trade relations between winning and losing regions.

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