Global shipments of 5G smartphones will grow by a third in 2022

According to research firm Gartner, global shipments of 5G smartphones in 2022 will amount to 710 million devices.

This is 29% higher than the volume of supplies a year earlier,but this growth is below the expected values. Previously, it was predicted that the growth rate of sales of 5G smartphones will be 47%. It is likely that global economic uncertainty, problems caused by the conflict in Ukraine, and reduced demand in the European market will lead to an overall decrease of 95 million devices in 2022 compared to earlier forecasts. At the same time, demand for 5G models will grow rapidly in 2023, driven by the emergence of a large number of new models available and the desire of users to replace their outdated 4G smartphone models with new devices, as well as the expansion of 5G networks in China and the mature markets of the United States and Europe.