Global Semiconductor Industry Revenue Up 1.1% Last Year

According to Gartner research company, global revenues from the semiconductor industry grew

last year by 1.1%.In total, $601.7 billion worth of semiconductors were delivered to the market, compared to $595 billion delivered in 2021. The past year saw an increase in semiconductor delivery times, higher prices for them, and shortages in many areas of the semiconductor industry. In the second half of the year, the global economy began to slow down due to high inflation, rising energy and electricity prices, as well as geopolitical risks, which led to a reduction in demand for such types of goods as personal computers, smartphones and televisions. All this had a negative impact on the semiconductor industry. The world leader in this area is Samsung with a production volume of $65 billion and a market share of 10.9%. It is followed by Intel with $58 billion in production and a 9.7% share. The top five market leaders are also SK Hynix, Qualcomm and Micron.