Global new energy vehicle sales up 53%

Global new energy vehicle (NEV) sales reached 2.19 million units in the second quarter, up 53.5%

above sales figures a year earlier.Of this volume, 1.6 million cars were fully electric, and the rest were plug-in hybrid cars. Although Tesla still maintains its leading position in the electric car market, its market share has decreased significantly, from 29.1% in the second quarter of last year to 15.9% this year. Tesla is having trouble producing full-scale vehicles at its Shanghai plant due to covid restrictions there, and has yet to run its Berlin plant at full capacity due to logistical issues and component shortages. In second place, BYD increased its market share from 9.3% to 11.2% in the second quarter of this year. It is noted that in the list of ten leading brands of NEV manufacturers there are six companies from China.