Global gaming monitor shipments down 13% in 2022

research company TrendForce estimated the volume of shipments of gaming monitors to the world market in 2022 at 19.8

million devices.The decline in gaming monitor shipments in 2022 was the first time since 2016, when sales of these devices have consistently increased over recent years. The decrease last year was 13%, but experts believe that, despite the global economic situation associated with geopolitical risks and uncertainty, the gaming monitor market should recover this year, and 20.8 million devices will be sold by the end of the year. This will ensure the growth of the segment by 5% compared to 2022. The forecast for growth this year is associated with a recovery in demand in the Chinese market, the replacement of manufacturers' model lines with models with higher screen refresh rates, which will lead to an increase in demand from gamers. The largest market share, 51.9% last year, was occupied by models with a refresh rate from 165 to 180 Hz, this year their market share should grow even stronger.