Gita porter robot delivers cargo weighing up to 18 kg (4 photos)

Perfect technical assistant robots in the firstturn free the person from the most difficult and unattractive work. Piaggio Fast Forward began selling a production robot carrier, a prototype of which was already announced about two years ago. The Gita robot is capable of transporting for the owner a cargo weighing up to 18 kg.

The main advantage of the Gita porter isUnquestioning and accurate follow-up of the owner, which is ensured by the use of SLAM technology, which uses both localization and mapping. The Gita computer forms the 3D route of the host and leaves it in memory for reuse, when the goods can be delivered already offline, without the presence of the hosts.

The main function of Gita, free hands of ownersand assist in the delivery of heavy items. Tracking the route of the owner is carried out using optical sensors. Currently, Gita is adapted to transport things on smooth surfaces with a slope of no more than 16 degrees. A steeper slope or vertical barrier in the form of a curb or steps is still insurmountable for the robot.

Prototype submitted by developers for two yearsback, he moved at a speed of 35 km per hour, which turned out to be excessively fast and the cruising speed of the robot was reduced to 9.5 km per hour, which is still twice the average speed of a pedestrian. If necessary, Gita signals its movement or presence with sound or light signals. For example, such signals demonstrate a critical decrease in energy level in a battery.

Connection (optional) to the masterthe smartphone is carried out using Bluetooth, which will allow you to close and lock the lid of the container, play music through the speakers of the robot and allow unauthorized people to use the luggage.

The weight of the robot porter is 22.7 kg. Charging is carried out through household outlets, and a 2-hour charge is enough for 4 hours of work. Starting November 18, Gita robots will go on retail for $ 3250.

Source: mygita