Giant exoskeleton PROSTHESIS hit the Guinness book (4 photos + video)

Using engineering solutions for integrationhuman capabilities and the power of mechanical devices in various industries is becoming an everyday occurrence. However, independent enthusiasts are actively working on creating unique models of devices designed to compete with each other.

The unusual monstrous device PROSTHESIS made in the tetrapod form factor (four-legged construction) was demonstrated at CES 2018.

Canadian inventor and fan of mechanicaldevices Jonathan Tippett from Vancouver created the world's largest four-legged exoskeleton PROSTHESIS and now this fact is officially recognized by representatives of Guinness World Records, who unveiled a special video dedicated to the next record holder.

Massive exoskeleton working in tandem withman made of chromium steel, widely used for the manufacture of bicycle frames and the aerospace industry, thanks to a unique combination of strength and light weight. The PROSTHESIS device is 3.96 meters high, 5.51 meters wide and 5.1 meters long. The mass of the mechanical monster reaches 1.6 tons.

Management of a huge mechanical "body"a person carries out using two electric motors transmitting a force of 16.2 kN each to the hydraulic system. The autonomous operation of the mechanical monster is provided by a 96-volt lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 36 kWh, custom-made.

Having created PROSTHESIS in just a year, an enthusiast alreadyhas been testing a giant exoskeleton for three years. At the same time, Tippett claims that from the time the idea of ​​creating a monster arose, until the physical embodiment in metal, as many as 13 years passed, during which the inventor considered the principles of work and the design of PROSTHESIS.

Source: guinnessworldrecords