Giant Action Nintendo Switch weighing 29.5 kg (video)

Children with cancerreceived an original gift from engineer enthusiast Michael Pick, who assembled a huge working model of the popular Nintendo Switch console. The increase in the console tenfold did not limit the functionality of the game console due to the unusual design of the control system assembled by the engineer himself.

Saint Jude’s Clinic in Memphis was previouslyknown for donations from American billionaire Jared Isaacman, commander of Crew Dragon C207 Resilience's first fully civilian space flight, scheduled for fall 2021. The clinic's patient, now head nurse Hayley Arseno, who defeated cancer as a child, will also be composing Isaacman's spaceflight campaign.

Now the patients of the clinic have received another giftby engineer enthusiast Michael Peak as a Switch model housed inside a plywood box and powered by a giant 4K TV screen measuring 76 x 178 cm.

The model completely copies the miniature attachmentNintendo Switch, all buttons and controllers work exactly the same and perform the same functions as in the original device. All parts for buttons, plastic components and the mechanism transmitting control signals are 3D printed.

In a YouTube video, Michael Peak demonstratedthe efficiency of the giant Nintendo Switch model, noting in passing that the new device is devoid of the main drawback of the original - it is difficult to lose it. At the end of the video, the engineer told and showed the process of transferring the novelty to the representatives of Saint Jude’s hospital.