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At the end of January, a COVID-19 outbreak began in Europe. The disease has spread to almost the whole world. The situation is becoming more serious and leaving the house to work in the office is no longer safe. As a result, more and more people are choosing to work from home, and home office is becoming a global trend. After all, it’s wonderful to be able to perform work tasks and at the same time remain safe, both financially and physically.

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As soon as you log in to your computer withWindows 10 under a Microsoft account, unique configuration settings and user profile information are applied automatically. Your personal data is in the cloud — a combination of Microsoft OneDrive and Box is used — so there’s no need to transfer it further. It's not too late to upgrade to Windows 10. Keysworlds offers a 35 percent discount and Windows 10 costs only $ 9.95. Make an order right now by sending an application with an exclusive promotional code TLIZ35.

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