Get - a smart bracelet that transmits sounds through a bone (8 photos + video)

Twin brothers Edoardo and Emiliano Parinideveloped a curious device. Get similar to a traditional fitness bracelet, but is capable of much more. Under its shell, the options of several mobile gadgets were connected: a headset, a fitness tracker, a smart watch and a player.

The main goal of the new technology is to provideconfidentiality of communication. The most interesting feature of the Get bracelet is sound transmission using bone conduction. It is enough to attach a finger to your ear to listen to the audio recording or a phone call. The sound will be transmitted by the bracelet to the tip of the finger through the carpal bones and then go to the inner ear through the skull. Suitable gadget and in order to listen to music. However, its quality in this case will not be too high.

Other Get functionality is no different.revolutionism. The bracelet is able to monitor the physical activity and quality of sleep of its owner. It also points the way, serves as a means of payment by NFC and an alarm clock. Almost any of the popular voice assistants can be built into the device without any problems: Google Assistant, Siri Alexa or Cortana.

The gadget is devoid of buttons and display. Work with him need gestures. So, one movement of the wrist can take an incoming call, and others to find out what time it is. Gestures can be reconfigured as convenient for the user. To identify the owner, Get uses a fingerprint. Wireless charging for 60 minutes will provide up to 5 days of battery life.

This project has already been approved by many experts, and hewon a number of awards. Now the Parini brothers are planning to launch it into the commercial market. For this, they started a fundraiser at the Kickstarter site. By pre-order the gadget costs $ 124. Deliver it will begin in the early spring of next year.