Genetics have found a way to effectively treat HIV (3 photos)

University Medical Center SpecialistsNebraska for the first time managed to completely remove HIV from a living organism (human immunodeficiency virus). To do this, they use the complex to combat disease and gene modification.

It is important to note that the virus is able to hide fromthe immune system, thus complicating treatment. Due to this, it reproduces without problems, spreading literally everywhere. Doctors were able to develop tools that slow down the progression of the disease and block its transmission. However, there is no way to completely neutralize it. Therefore, the researchers decided on a genetic modification.

In the proposed method of combating HIVCombines the use of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene modifier with LASER ART. The latter drug is introduced gradually and limits the ability of the virus to multiply. The combination has already shown its effectiveness.

Experts conducted an experiment with mice. To begin with, they were infected with a virus, and then they were treated with LASER ART. By reducing the HIV content in organisms to a minimum, scientists used the CRISPR-Cas9 modifier to excise DNA sequences from damaged cells. As a result, there is no virus left in the mice at all.

Kamel Khalili led the process. He explained that at the next stage a new method of healing will be tested on primates. It is possible that the clinical trials in humans will be transferred within the next year.

It is worth noting the ethical debate of thistechniques. Last year, the Chinese managed to turn off the CCR5 gene, which is involved in the development of the virus, with the help of CRISPR. As a result, genetically modified girls were born. This experiment has been criticized everywhere. And in China, human genetic modification was even banned by the authorities.