General Motors released two electric bicycles for Europe (4 photos)

The American automaker General Motors has announced the line of electric 2-wheeled vehicles ARIV eBikes. The name was not chosen by chance, because “arrive” means to get, to arrive.

Now the series consists of 2 electric bikes: Folding Merge and Compact Meld. The power of ARIV eBikes electric motors will be 250 W, the maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour. There are 4 levels of speed. The battery fully charges in 3.5 hours, the power reserve is on average 64 kilometers. Included will be the rear and front LED-lighting. All the necessary cables and cables for comfort and aesthetics are placed inside the frame. ARIV Merge quickly develops and in this state rolls on its own wheels.

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There is a branded application ARĪV eBike app,tracking device parameters by communicating with their sensors via Bluetooth. There is also a Quad Lock - a docking station, securely securing the smartphone on the frame and allowing it to be charged via the USB port on the go. The manufacturer promises to develop the presented electric bikes, complementing them with new interesting technologies.

The premiere of the novelties will be held first in the NetherlandsBelgium and Germany, because in these countries, potential consumers had time to get acquainted with the products of the segment, and the demand for them is steadily high. In the Netherlands and the Netherlands, ARIV Merge will cost 3,400 euros, ARIV Meld will cost 2,800 dollars, in Germany for 3,350 and 2,750 euros, respectively. Deliver them will begin in the 2nd quarter of this year.