Gene therapy will cure deafness

A new technique for combating genetic manifestationdeafness, developed by Israeli geneticists, will effectively resist congenital genetic diseases of hearing, which account for almost half of cases of deafness in newborns. Currently, trials have been successfully carried out to cure congenital deafness in mice. The essence of the method is to deliver specially modified gene material into the patient's inner ear.

Research team from Tel Aviv Universityused the connection of congenital deafness with the patient's genotype. The effect of mutations in individual genes on the development of congenital deafness SYNE 4 was studied. The disease leads to a progressive deterioration of hearing in even children who hear quite normally at birth. The development of the disease can lead to complete deafness.

In the process of research, scientists have developeda technique for delivering the Syne4 gene into the inner ear of newborn mice using an artificially created virus. Subsequent testing showed almost complete normalization of auditory function and behavioral responses.

Source: embopress