Garmin Tactix Delta Smart Watch Meets Military Standards

Garmin, known for its smart watchto work in extreme conditions, has released a new smart device Tactix Delta, which this time meet higher requirements that meet army standards of reliability and safety.

4th generation Tactix Delta smart watch received1.4 inch diameter display. The watch has added a very convenient function to control power consumption, using which you can predict the battery life depending on the settings of the watch.

Added features that allowoperate the watch during the conduct of hostilities on the territory of the enemy. The Garmin Tactix Delta has a stealth mode that disables the ability to store and transfer user data. There is also an emergency destruction of all information on the device by pressing one of the buttons. Previously, such features were separately available in different models of Instinct Tactical Edition and Marq Commander watches. Now in Garmin’s dedicated military watch, such features completely eliminate GPS tracking.

For sabotage troops landing in the rearthe enemy by parachute, the Jumpmaster function will be useful, which allows you to clearly position the target with GPS using two sets of coordinate systems that are displayed on one screen.

At the same time, Tactix Delta received standardfunctions inherent in a regular smart watch. The amount of internal memory allows you to save up to 2 thousand songs, supports the Garmin Pay system, notifications are displayed.

Important for both the military and ordinaryfor users, it becomes the presence of a high-capacity battery in Tactix Delta, which allows the device to work in smart watch mode up to 21 days, and in normal watch mode - up to 80 days, without additional recharging. Garmin Tactix Delta watches have already entered the market and are selling at a price of $ 899.99.

Source: TheVerge