Gaming chair with 16 nuclear processors and 10 vibromotors (video)

CES 2020 after its closureprovides more and more information about original products from the world of high technology. A deep immersion in the gameplay can provide a gaming chair from the French startup Arcadeo, equipped with a feedback system. Management is carried out using a 16-core processor, and special backlighting increases the realism of the gameplay.

The exterior design of the Arcadeo chair is almost nothingno different from standard seats designed for gamers. However, inside the device, 10 vibromotors are hidden, driving individual elements of the chair, thus providing a backward response during a game or a journey into virtual reality. It is noteworthy that the scope of the chair is not limited to games, the device has received compatibility with some platforms showing movies and TV shows, providing real-time feedback from events on the screen.

Arcadeo Chair Workflow Managementimplements a 16-core processor, the technical characteristics of which have not been disclosed. A USB Type-C connection is used to connect the chair with a computer or game console, and the LED backlight integrated into the back of the chair provides greater realism to the process.

Management and adjustment of each of 10 vibromotorsthe user will be able to implement using a special application on the smartphone. The chair will enter the market by the end of 2020 at an estimated price of $ 800.

Source: wccftech