Games for Xbox consoles will be available for any gadgets (3 photos + video)

Microsoft introduced streaminggaming service Project xCloud. Its uninterrupted operation will provide the "cloud" Azure, data centers which are located in 54 regions of the world. In the future, the proposed system will allow playing titles for Xbox consoles on absolutely any gadgets: tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops. That is, the games themselves will be launched in the cloud of the company and broadcast over cellular networks to the user's gadget.

& times

Publicly test Project xCloud will start onlynext year. For the time being, internal tests of the service are being carried out on smartphones and tablets based on 4G networks. In the future, the development will be able to operate on 5G-networks. The time left to open testing will be devoted to bringing the service to a state of readiness for substantial loads. One of the issues that needs to be addressed is a reduction in the signal delay time during data transmission. We will also have to develop a method for managing console games on gadgets with touch-sensitive displays and to solve the nuance with low image quality.