Gamer set a world record in Tetris

One of the first Tetris computer games,winning the hearts of gamers since 1984, is both easy to learn and has exciting gameplay, forcing the player to compete for many hours with their own achievements.

More than 35 years after the firstmodifications Tetris, a young player, 16-year-old Joseph Seeley seems to have put an end to the development of the game world of the application, reaching levels not provided by the developers.

Young man twice in the last yearset world records for reaching the highest levels in Tetris: first in February last year, he overcame the so-called “death screen” at level 29 by creating 270 lines, and in 2020, Joseph reached record levels on line 284 at level 33.

However, the game itself could not withstand further tension. Apparently, the developers did not hope that human capabilities would allow such a quick reaction when building Tetris lines. The game ceased to adequately issue level numbers and began to broadcast levels under codes 0A, 1E and the like.

Note that upon reaching the record Joseph Seeleyused the technique of multiple clicks, when instead of pressing the down key he often clicked on it (up to 10 times per second). The record holder worked on the Nintendo Entertainment System, for which the first version of Tetris appeared in 1989. Seeley also won the world title in Tetris, having removed Jonas Neubauer from the podium and held the lead for 7 years.

You can watch the video here: twitch