Gamer completed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 26 minutes (video)

Computer games always valued timepassing the main plot and gamers expressed dissatisfaction with the short and simple story. At the same time, players constantly compete in the speed of the game, using various tricks or even program bugs.

One of the longest timelinesare the games of the Grand Theft Auto series. So for the standard passage of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas it will take about 40 hours. Nevertheless, there was a fan of high-speed passing games (speedrunner), who was able to overcome all the way in a record 25 minutes 52 seconds.

A player named Powdinet used identifiedthe game has extremely strange bugs that, with a certain sequence of actions, allowed you to go to the final mission. So the player must at some point have a haircut in the afro style, or sit on a police motorcycle before 7 minutes and 46 seconds of the total length of the game.

This path is only available for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Windows Store. The full order of passage is laid out on the reddit resource.

Source: reddit