Game of Thrones House of the Dragon breaks HBO Max streaming record

The premiere of the first episode of the spin-off Game of Thrones House of the Dragon set a record for the number of views in

streaming service HBO Max.On the night of the premiere, the episode was viewed 9.99 million times in the US alone. The launch of Game of Thrones House of the Dragon has sparked a resurgence of viewer interest in revisiting Game of Thrones, especially now that HBO Max has released the hit series in 4K. It is noted that this allowed to almost double the amount of streaming in anticipation of the launch of the spin-off. The classic version of Game of Thrones on HBO ended its run in 2019 with 13.7 million views, and combined with video on demand and streaming, the number of views was estimated at 19 million. The new series will have to compete for viewer attention with another epic series - product Amazon Prime Video "The Lord of the Rings" launches September 2nd.