Game developer Moon Stodios accused of "unhealthy atmosphere"

Game developer Moon Studios was accused of "oppressive" culture. What does it mean?

This means that the studio that gave us gamesabout the small animal Ori and the creator of the game Ori and the Blind Forest were accused of having an atmosphere of oppression in their office. It is normal for employees to insult each other, humiliate, and the work is organized disgustingly.

It turned out that most of these accusationsconcern the founders of the studio - Thomas Mahler and Gennady Korol. They allegedly constantly humiliate employees, arrange disputes (not just disputes, but directly with insults). Employees of the company should always be in touch, at any time of the day. In addition, racist, anti-Semitic and sexist jokes are common in the workplace.

One of the former employees stated that the studio -depressing place. He stressed that if we consider everything that happened to him, then these are trifles. However, all together, this eventually brought him to depression and emotional burnout. Another stated that both founders were aggressive and often harassed other employees.

The investigation prepared by the serviceGamesbeat also reports that both founders were perfectionists in a bad way. They rarely praised their employees, while criticizing them for every mistake. The recent scandal with Activision Blizzard is also cited in parallel, reporting that the problems are generally similar.

The studio itself mostly works with Xbox,releasing games primarily for the platform. But it turned out that the company has its own difficulties with Microsoft. So, for example, it is argued that Moon Studios constantly misses deadlines, conflicts over funding and constantly changes the volume of its final tasks.

Mahler and the King at the same time deny all accusations. They claim that each of the employees do a great job every day, and those who left left because the companies are not suitable.

“What makes our team so strong isour global and cultural diversity - we have team members working from over 40 different countries on four continents - and an open studio structure that allows everyone to speak up and challenge and push each other to work. We deliberately chose to create a different kind of studio that encourages creativity, open communication, collaboration and productivity,” they said.

In addition, the founders of the studio noted that boththey are Jews and treat each other as brothers, and therefore they often argue and tease each other. And sometimes they joke about their origin, which could make others feel uncomfortable.
Following these accusations, Xbox suspendedcooperation with the company. So far, no one confirms that it will not resume. Perhaps soon, when the scandal subsides, we will again see new masterpieces about the world of baby Ori.