Galaxy S10 Series Leaders on Exynos Non-Energy Efficient Chips

In the flagship smartphone line Galaxy SSamsung uses two types of processors - branded Exynos 9820 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Samsung’s own chips have never been known for their high energy efficiency. This year, the Galaxy S10 models further reinforce this opinion. Test data demonstrates that the performance of Exynos 9820 processors is lower than that of Snapdragon 855 chips. As for battery life, the Exynos smartphones run one hour less than their counterparts equipped with a Qualcomm processor.

However, there is another problem that hasthe name “proximity sensor error”, which leads to the spontaneous activation of smartphones in pockets or in a bag. Smartphones "awaken" from involuntary touching the surface of the display, and this leads to a faster discharge of the battery. You can solve the problem by disabling the Lift to Wake and Tap to Wake functions.

But this is not the last problem of smartphones onExynos. It was found that when incoming or outgoing calls VoIP device can not go into sleep mode. Constantly staying in active mode, the smartphone consumes more energy and quickly discharges the battery. You can get rid of the problem with the use of IP-telephony only by restarting the smartphone after a VoIP call. However, reusing this function leads to the same problems. It is possible to radically eliminate the malfunction only by completely abandoning phone calls through WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and applications supporting the VoIP function. I want to believe that Samsung is already working on a solution and an effective update for the flagships of the Galaxy S10 series is not far off.