Galaxy Note 10 introduced, long live Galaxy Note 11

The already introduced flagship loses 90% of itsattractiveness in comparison with the expected flagship. This phenomenon was vividly illustrated by the publication on the Phonearena website. Almost a week has passed since the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - why not talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 11?

No information that could have beenqualify as a data leak, the publication does not contain - this is nothing more than a discussion of how Note 11 could be. Not devoid of logic, I must admit.

First of all, of course, design. Above the design of the rear panel, they were too lazy to think, preferring the front one. All hints of the front camera were removed from it. If it exists in principle, it is either hidden inside the case, which is not interesting, since they have already done so, or placed directly under the screen using technology that allows not to make a cutout in it. Moreover, work on this topic, as you know, is underway.

Next up is the chipset. There can be no special options, this will be the next generation: Snapdragon 865 and the new Exynos, created by the 7-nanometer process technology. Unless, of course, Samsung by that time does not have time to do something even more impressive.

Finally - a set of cameras on the back surfacea smartphone. A set of assumptions includes “larger sensors” and “10x zoom”, but it seems that you can continue this series and include the just presented 108-megapixel matrix. Fortunately, the production of ISOCELL Bright HMX will begin this month.

Tatyana Kobelskaya