Gadget from Panasonic eliminates forgetfulness in people (video)

With the new device, you simply can not leaveat home without taking a smartphone, wallet, documents or keys. We are talking about the development of the Japanese manufacturer Panasonic - Hitokoe. It will not let you out the door without all that you need.

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But before that you will need to stick RFID tags onall the things you usually forget. Then each of them must be registered in the Panasonic application installed on your smartphone. The user can also specify how often and under what conditions (for example, weather) he or she needs this or that item. Tags are attached to anything: passports, textbooks, umbrellas, smartphones and so on. The Hitokoe control panel is fixed at the front door to the house or apartment. When you try to exit without the necessary things, the gadget will give a characteristic signal.

The gadget is still being finalized. Over time, the technology will give warnings about delays in transit and, on the basis of weather data, will remind you of open windows or uncovered warm clothing and appropriate shoes. Perhaps Hitokoe will also be taught to keep track of household appliances. Then you certainly won't leave the iron on.