Fully folding bike Tuck Bike (2 photos + video)

Launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platformTuck Bike single speed folding bike project. The original bicycle with airless wheels folds completely in just two minutes, which makes it possible to store it in the corridor of the apartment, under the table, as well as transport it in the subway or in the trunk of a car.

Developer Alex Animashaun Promises ImplementationThree folding options for the Tuck Bike. The easiest way is for corridor storage when you need to reduce the width of the bike. In this case, only the Tuck Bike pedals and handlebars are folded on both sides. The second method allows you to make the bike not only narrow but also short. For this, the Tuck Bike frame folds down in the middle. The third method will provide the most compact bike storage when not only the handlebars, pedals and frame are folded, but also the wheels. As a result, the folded dimensions will be 65x40x86 cm.

When using the third wheel Tuck methodBike folds in a similar way to cutting a pizza into three pieces. Each part of the wheel is arranged like an accordion on the adjacent one. The wheel is individually locked at the hub and rim. When unfolding, the mechanism is rigidly fixed and provides the rigidity necessary for the trip.

Used for Tuck Bikehydroformed 6061 T6 aluminum frame. Safety is ensured by Tektro Aries disc brakes, and a comfortable ride is assured by the comfortable WTB Comfort ProGel saddle. The frame hinges feature magnetic locks and the airless, puncture-resistant 28-inch Gecko Rubber tires are made of foam. The total weight of the Tuck Bike is 13.6 kg.

For the first investors to participate ininvestment project on Kickstarter, the Tuck Bike will cost $ 1,695, and the bike will retail for $ 1995. With the successful completion of the Kickstarter fundraising project, the first Tuck Bikes will be shipped to customers in October next year.

Source: kickstarter