Full Tesla competition: Nikola Motors will launch a fully electric tractor

Until 2017, nobody fully believed thattrucks can be equipped with electric motors. It was believed that their power is simply not enough for the transport of goods over long distances. That all changed in November, when Tesla introduced its all-electric tractor — consumers and competitors were finally convinced of the efficiency of electric motors. Of course, this was reflected in the strategies of competing firms - Nikola Motors, for example, also decided to announce an electric tractor.

Initially, the company focused on the releasehydrogen trucks. To ensure their smooth operation, the company began to build up an extensive hydrogen supply system and open specialized petrol stations. All this took a lot of time and effort - the Tesla electric tractor became more preferable for customers by this truck than the Nikola One, Nikola Two and Nikola Tre models.

Apparently, not to stay at the very end of the race forIn the alternative tractor market, Nikola announced the launch of electric options for its hydrogen tractor. The new engines will be equipped with the Nikola Two and Nikola Tre models, and the main tractor of the company, Nikola One, will remain hybrid.

The new strategy of Nikola seems true, however itspent a lot of time developing the hydrogen infrastructure. She is not going to give up hydrogen trucks, but they will still be inferior in power to their electric counterparts. First, they may be more expensive. Secondly, with their refueling, there will still be more problems - power plants in the United States are much more than hydrogen. Thirdly, electric motors can easily bypass hydrogen in power.

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