Full-fledged Mac OS installed on iPad iPad (video)

Many Apple device fans have long beensought to launch OS X on the company's tablets. From now on, with the launch of the iPad Pro on which a processor is installed that can compete in power with desktop systems, such a dream has come true.

Experience iPad Pro ExperienceA full-fledged operating system, and not a special "lite option", which manufacturers equip the tablet, the author of YouTube channel Hacking Jules tried. The experiment was a success for the enthusiast, and he was able to turn his iPad Pro into a full-fledged computer running macOS X Leopard 10.5, released in 2009.

During the trial, blogger Jules Gerard appliedUTM emulator, which allowed you to install the old Mac operating system on the tablet. As a result, the startup process took place in just 65 seconds, and in addition to the operating system on the tablet, all pre-installed applications and the Microsoft Office suite worked.

Using the UTM emulator, users canInstall various operating systems on Apple’s mobile devices, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. Installing an OS from third-party developers does not harm the factory settings of gadgets. The only condition is the availability of sufficient memory on devices.

Source: cultofmac