FUJIFILM unveils new instax mini Evo Hybrid (mini Evo) instant camera

FUJIFILM introduced a new instant camerainstax mini Evo Hybrid (mini Evo). 10 built-in lens modes x 10 film effect filter options = 100 ways to express yourself. The camera will be available for sale on February 1, 2022. Its sophisticated and classic look is synonymous with Fujifilm's iconic camera design approach. The mini Evo's unique hybrid format combines the excitement and pleasure of the functionality of an analog camera with the capabilities of digital technology for storing, sharing and printing images.

The original mini Evo featuresten built-in lens modes and ten film-effect filter options that offer photographers 100 different combinations to express themselves and create unique shots. And when paired with instax mini Instant Film, the mini Evo creates superior 600 dpi instant film quality when printed directly from the camera.

“The instax mini Evo is unique,high quality addition to the instax family. The Hybrid Camera-Printer was developed to give photographers the choice between analog and digital images. The photographer himself decides which photos to send for instant printing, and which to save for the future. " - President of FUJIFILM Europe Toshi Iida.

Instax mini Evo smartphone app will adda number of new advanced features. Thanks to Bluetooth, the camera allows you to transfer any images captured with the mini Evo directly to your smartphone. The camera can also be used as an instant printer for images from the photo stream of any smartphone. In addition, the application will be able to shoot remotely and various options for storing images.

Key features of mini Evo:
The mini Evo is a combination of classic shapesand modern technologies. 10 built-in lens modes and 10 film-effect filter options allow you to get 100 variations of the instant image. The camera is also equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen, which allows you to select images, add and edit frames, adjust print settings. Thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery, users can take up to 100 pictures on a single charge. The Micro SD card slot provides ample space for storing images, and the selfie mirror helps users capture perfect selfies every time.

New film
Along with the mini Evo camera, the company will releaseinstax mini Stone Gray instant film with a contrasting gray frame instead of the usual white. Instax mini Stone Gray film will be available in a single pack of 10 frames.

How much and where to buy
Instax mini Evo camera in black and silverand Instax mini Stone Gray Film will be available for purchase from February 1, 2022 on the official instaxmini website for a suggested retail price of £ 16,990 for the mini Evo camera and £ 890 for the mini Stone Gray film.

Source: FUJIFILM Press Release