Fujifilm has released a printer for printing photos from a mobile phone

Fujifilm continues to win the hearts of lovers of classic, printed photography. This time the company has released the Instax Mini Link 2 printer, with which you can print photos from your phone.

The main problem with the company's cameras is that the colors on them are slightly muted, like in the pictures on soap dishes or old Polaroids.

In general, printers that print from a phone are alreadyIt's not news to the company for a long time. They are relatively inexpensive (like a camera from a company with a little “bells and whistles”), but the main problem is the cost of consumables. Cards, on which, in fact, printing is in progress, can reach a cost of up to a thousand rubles (in one "pack" of 10 cards).

In essence, such devices allow you to immediately print pictures from your phone, and they will not just disappear in the phone’s memory.

From the previous version of Instax Mini Link 2differs in that it has two new print modes. They are called Instax Natural and Instax Rich (“natural” and “rich” modes). They are good because through them you can see how the printed picture will really look like. And in which case - correct the result.

In the application that the printer is using, you caneven slightly edit the photo. In particular, you can crop pictures, adjust the exposure, brightness, or add text, a sticker or an emoji. You can even "print" a video by simply extracting certain frames from it.

It is planned that the printer will cost an average100 dollars, that is, at a real exchange rate of about 6.5 thousand rubles. And the colors are varied - blue, white or pink. So if you want the most vivid memories to remain in your heart - feel free to take it, you will not regret it.