Fujifilm CCTV camera will consider autonitor per kilometer (3 photos + video)

Fujifilm has announced a powerful SX800 security camera for surveillance, including remote sites. In particular, she will consider the number of the car at a distance of one kilometer.

The new lens has a variable focal lens.distance (from 20 to 800 millimeters), providing a 40-fold optical zoom. It was supplemented with a 1.25x digital zoom that allows you to increase the maximum focal length up to 1 km.

According to the published demovideo, the development in detail considers very distant objects. To achieve high-quality images allow fast autofocus technology and optical stabilization, as well as image enhancement system with fog and haze. The camera works well in the dark. The maximum level of sensitivity (ISO) is 819,200 units.

According to the authors, the application Fujifilm SX800can be quite broad. It will be possible to install a novelty at airports, on the state border, on roads and in other places. The exact cost of this camera is not yet announced. But you have to pay for it obviously more than for models from other manufacturers. On the other hand, one and the same area of ​​the SX800 cameras will require obviously less than cheap analogues. Sales of new items will start on July 26.