FSB proposes to change the cryptography of SIM-cards with 5G support

At the meeting of the working group of the project “Digitaleconomy ”representatives of the FSB proposed creating 5G SIM cards with domestic cryptography, and eventually changing the equipment of the networks so that only Russian production remains.

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However, it seems that this is only unfoundedstatements, since no papers describing the technology have been received either by the working group or the Ministry of Communications. The latter said that he did not plan to introduce a new standard only using domestic equipment. The ministry noted that devices with 5G may not need SIM cards, so there is no need to change the encryption scheme at base stations.

If the FSB seriously takes up the industry withrequirements of licensing and certification, this will only lead to a crisis in the industry due to the lack of a sufficient number of cryptographers with the country. Yes, and financially, these changes will require enormous costs, which no one can afford at present. Telecom operators in the face of VimpelCom, Tele2, MegaFon and MTS have not commented on the proposals of the FSB.