Frosts and heat turn electric cars into pumpkins (3 photos)

Heat or frost can significantly reducerange of the electric vehicle. And their owners are well aware of this dependence. It is all about the influence of the ambient temperature on the car batteries, as well as the increase in energy consumption for cooling or heating the passenger compartment.

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The existence of this problem was confirmed by the study,conducted by experts of the American Automobile Association. They tested 5 electric cars: e-Golf from Volkswagen, Model S from Tesla, Leaf from Nissan, Bolt EV from Chevrolet and BMW i3s. As shown by testing, if the air temperature drops below - 6.6 degrees Celsius and the driver turns on the passenger compartment heating, the range of any electric vehicle is reduced by an average of 41%. This figure was compared with a journey at a temperature of +24 degrees Celsius. So, in the winter, car owners are forced to recharge their electric cars more often. At the same time spending on their operation increases significantly.

Similarly affects the rate and heat. When the temperature reaches +35 degrees Celsius and the driver turns on the air conditioning, the running stock drops by about 17%.

The engineers who conducted the experiment, admitted that they were struck by the results insofar as the effect of temperature on electric vehicles turned out to be much larger than previously thought.