From the letter Zu to a healthy back: a useful desktop controller

A lot of people often do not follow simplerules when working at a computer. Even at universities, students learn how to sit properly and at what distance from the eyes monitors should be on OZhD classes.

But in the end, technology has already reached eventhe fact that manufacturers have created a special accessory for posture control. The gadget is called Uplift and controls how you sit in real time.

Since often we unconsciously bend overmonitor so that even the letter "Su" will envy our flexibility, sometimes people use special controllers like corsets that allow you to hold your back even if you do not want to.

However, this gadget is a way to keep your back even at work, where corsets will not be entirely appropriate.

In some ways, the device resembles a table clock, it has a monitor on which, in fact, you can see exactly how you are sitting at the table.

Real time, depending onthe way you sit, the display shows the position of the spine, as well as some hints, such as whether to raise the seat of the chair or tilt the monitor.

So if you have back pain, you should pay attention to such a useful unit.