From the heat and heat will save a portable fan without blades (5 photos)

Xiaomi is most often associated withsmartphones. However, it also produces other gadgets: the range of its products is incredibly wide. And information about it does not always reach the Russian consumer. Recently, Xiaomi has released a curious fan.

The device was called Happy Life R2. This fan has no visible blades that create airflow. Thanks to this, the device is absolutely safe to use, even for children. The blades hid in the handle of the fan. Through it and the air is taken. It comes out through a hole in the form of a ring, placed at the top. The capacity of the battery built into Happy Life R2 is 900 mAh. The device is also powered by portable batteries and almost all network adapters equipped with a microUSB plug.

The gadget is made of ABS plastic. The control is performed with just one button, repeated pressing of which allows not only to turn on or turn off the device, but also to switch the speed mode. An unusual novelty is on sale in the online market Aliexpress. The cost of Happy Life R2 is about 1059 rubles.

Source: Xiaomi Happy Life R2