From the first class - for the computer (3 photos)

The rapid development of information technologyrequires a substantial revision of the school curriculum. The Ministry of Education of Russia decided to integrate the basics of programming into the elementary school mathematics course. Currently, computer literacy training begins only with the 5th grade.

Early Learning Projectprogramming is at the development stage, and at the moment it is not known exactly from which class the discipline will be included in the course of mathematics. The ministry plans to impart to first-graders the skills "... relevant to the current level of modern technologies" in the 2020-2021 academic year. In addition to making a decision in principle, curricula should be developed that meet the regulatory standards of the Russian school.

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The project of learning programming in the initialSchool provides for familiarity with the computer from the first class. At this time, students will type texts, study search engines on the Internet and learn the basics of data processing.

Project developers claim that children arehousehold level are introduced to computers at an earlier stage than it was before. Therefore, the introduction of programming in the elementary school is a popular and relevant step. In some countries, this stage has already been passed. In the Chinese school, programming is taught as a second language, and there are also many additional courses that can be recorded from an early age.

However, there is a theory about the fallthe popularity of the profession of a programmer. This, according to Ellen Shell, a professor at Boston University, will be the result of corporate efforts to automate the program development process.

Source: Izvestia