From September 1, a robot doctor will go to work (4 photos)

On September 1, a robot will start working in gymnasium No. 1 in the city of Solikamsk, Perm Territory. With the help of an electronic educator, children will learn the basics of robotics and be able to learn about the basics of healthcare.

In the municipal autonomous educationalInstitution "Gymnasium No. 1" in the city of Solikamsk, Perm Territory will begin to study the basics of healthcare and service robotics together with the Russian robot Promobot. The robot will teach children several disciplines at once and act as a “live” laboratory stand as part of additional education lessons.

In addition to educational functionality, the robotable to carry out primary diagnostics of students. The robot measures temperature, pulse and blood pressure. After passing the diagnostics, the results are printed out and transferred to the school doctor. The developers note that the robots are simple and understandable in management, it is not difficult for users to communicate with them. Verification will require a minimum amount of time.

"Regional project "Profile medical classes"implemented in the Kama region from September 1, 2021. High school students study core subjects on the topic of medicine under the supervision of teachers from leading universities in Perm and practicing doctors. Medicine is a direction that cannot be imagined without modern technologies. The Promobot robot is able to tell about this in a capacious way and draw attention to medical and engineering specialties among schoolchildren,” comments Oleg Kivokurtsev, Development Director of the Promobot company.

In addition to knowledge of robotics and the basics of the basicshealthcare, the robot will give recommendations on maintaining health, help you navigate the Gymnasium, tell interesting school stories, guide you on navigating the Gymnasium and tell funny stories about schoolchildren and teachers. Especially for this, the staff of the school and the Promobot company developed an individual linguistic base.

Source: Promobot press release