From old toys and garbage created an impressive modding Xbox Series X (video)

The author of the Nerdforge YouTube channel is engaged inturning the Xbox Series X game console into a steampunk device. Looking at the final result, it's hard to believe that it was based on unnecessary old toys, cheap electronics and various garbage.

The main advantage of the design is that itallowed to keep the console as a whole and did not require soldering or reworking of the original Xbox equipment. The girl designed a unique diorama that breathed life into the boring black rectangular case of the game console. Moreover, the resulting structure glows along with the prefix. Paying a lot of attention to detail, the girl even provided for the decorative fan at the top of the case to rotate while the Xbox is running.

The posted video shows the build process.custom set-top box, as well as a catalog of all the necessary components, which can be purchased almost anywhere. According to the girl, it took her about 20 days to modernize the Xbox design. However, the result was clearly worth it.