From a broken display, a designer lamp is obtained (2 photos + video)

Modern electronic devices have a shortlife, often breaking or obsolete, with the release of new technically advanced devices. However, do not rush to throw away the old gadgets, the designer from Great Britain Matthew Perks has found a way of original disposal, for example, monitors from computers or TVs. Considering that when the display fails, the electronics most often breaks down, the engineer used the backlight system to create unusual flat lamps.

Enthusiast described the process in great detailturning the old monitor into a designer lamp that can bring light into the stairwells, basements, pantries. At the same time, the large diameter of the screen and bright light create the illusion of a window through which sunlight flows.

When dismantling, the engineer carefully separates the panelmonitor on several scattering layers, a Frenkel layer and a set of LEDs. In this case, the LEDs from the monitor should immediately be changed to LED strips in order to supply electricity to the lamp without problems.

Next, ordinary wiring is mounted, and fromimprovised materials designed lamp housing. A beautiful, bright and economical flat lamp will take up little space and create an unusual atmosphere of a constant sunny day.