Friendship between a man and a woman - what does science say?

The question is whether there is friendship between a manand a woman has been harassed by scientists for quite some time. This time, experts wanted to find out the reasons why men and women look at friendship in different ways, and at the same time to find out why people actually make friendship with a representative of the opposite sex. According to the findings of a recent study, men are more likely than women to be attracted by friends of the opposite sex. It also turned out that men overestimate their attractiveness in the eyes of women, and the fair sex, in turn, underestimate how much men attract them.

In fact, friendship with the opposite sex is good for everyone


  • 1 Attractiveness issues
  • 2 Why are friends of the opposite sex needed?
  • 3 Women benefit from being friends with men
  • 4 Why do we choose attractive friends?

Attractiveness problems

It turned out that people who consider themselvesattractive, overestimate others' sexual interest in themselves. Perhaps confidence in their own attractiveness makes them risk it. It is also possible that people overestimate their own attractiveness and as a result cannot understand why they are often rejected. According to social psychologist Anthony Abby of Wayne State University, people tend to see what they want. If you are attracting someone sexually, then more follow this.

Researchers conducted an experiment duringwho was invited by other people to see how the conversation unfolds between the tested men and women, and also asked to evaluate how each side seems attractive to the other. Male observers agreed with men - in their opinion, women liked them more than they actually did. But the female observers agreed with the women - in their opinion, there was less attraction between them.

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Experts believe that such results mayto indicate the presence of gender stereotypes. Scientists who study romantic social interactions between people believe that there are so-called “dating scenarios”. These scenarios may reveal a sequence of events that lead to a successful or unsuccessful search for a romantic partner. As it turned out, often our role is predetermined in advance.

To make your date a success, listen to scientists, they will not deceive

According to Anthony Abby the context is reallymatters in such interactions. Men can often look for signs that a woman likes more than women. This is due to the fact that traditional gender roles suggest that a man takes the initiative. And no matter how old-fashioned it sounded in 2019, a whole string of dating studies proves this.

Why are friends of the opposite sex needed?

Whatever your old friend says, butfriendship with a member of the opposite sex is not without its advantages. Thus, women often report that their male friends are able to protect them in the event of a dangerous or unpleasant situation. At the same time, both men and women say that friends of the opposite sex give them useful tips on finding a partner. So friendship between men and women is useful for both sexes.

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Women benefit from being friends with men

If you thought you were benefiting fromFriendship with men does not sound like the most honest benefit, do not rush to conclusions. The fact is that such behavior is deeply rooted in our past. One mother could have several children from different fathers. And when raising a child, resources and protection from a representative of the opposite sex are clearly not superfluous. Thus, having children from different fathers and being friends with men, women could receive protection and resources from several men at once. In this case, it is not surprising that in order to make friends with a man, women subconsciously gave them hints that they like a man.

In the end, even friends are needed by representatives of our species to feed offspring

Agree, knowing all this is much easier.Explain and understand situations in which women accept men who care for them solely as friends. In other words, the friend zone is not a new phenomenon. It turns out that this is a historically formed way to survive and feed as many descendants as possible. So it goes.

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Why do we choose attractive friends?

Researchers claim that we are subconsciouslylooking for attractive friends. This means that romantic feelings between friends of the opposite sex can arise because there is already something in our friend that we consider to be seductive. Scientists do not exclude that friendship with a representative of the opposite sex can make your romantic life truly difficult.

According to Anthony Abby romantic feelingsbetween friends of the opposite sex can arise over time. It may seem to you that you are just friends, but at some point everything can change. By the way, the results of some studies say that the strongest couples are created by people who have been in strong friendships for a long time.