Frequent sugary drinks are the cause of premature death.

If you often drink sweet non-alcoholicWe hasten to upset you with drinks: researchers have found that those who drink them regularly have a higher risk of premature death. Moreover, the trend is observed both in the case of sugar and artificially sweetened drinks. Recently, experts conducted the largest of its kind study, the results of which say that artificial sweeteners adversely affect health. But why?

There are always countless carbonated drinks in shop windows.

The harm of soft drinks

Refusing to drink alcohol, some peopleSwitch to soft drinks. As a rule, the choice falls on something cool and sweet. If you don’t understand what’s wrong with this, and why refuse alcohol altogether, let’s explain: according to some scientific studies, drinking any amount of alcohol is harmful to health. Alas and ah, lovers of red wine, this also applies to you.

We recently wrote that spiritscontribute to DNA damage and cancer, so be mindful of what, how much and how much you drink during a feast or party. However, dangers await those who do not drink alcohol. It's no secret that the frequent consumption of carbonated drinks is associated with obesity, but according to scientists, this is not the main thing.

Is sweet soda dangerous?

In a study published in a journalJama Internal Medicine, scientists analyzed data from more than 450,000 people from European countries, 70% of whom are women. The average age of participants was just over 50 years old, and those who initially had diseases such as cancer, heart disease, or diabetes were not included in the analysis. Scientists observed subjects for an average of 16 years. During this time, more than 41,600 deaths were recorded.

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At the start of the study, participants were assigned a series ofquestions about aspects of their lifestyle, such as exercise, smoking and weight, as well as diet and nutrition, including the average consumption of sugary sodas and energy drinks. Fruit juice consumption was not included in the study.

Regular consumption of both alcoholic and sugary soft drinks poses a health hazard.

The results show that among the subjects,who drank less than one glass of soft drink per month, during the study, 9.3% died, compared with 11.5% of those who drank two or more glasses of 250 ml per month. According to scientists, the risk of death increases by 17% among those who are not physically active, eat poorly, smoke and consume two glasses of sweet soft drinks per month. Again, in comparison with those who drink soda and other soft drinks less than one glass a month.

The trend was observed for bothsugar-containing and artificially sweetened drinks. Similar results were obtained for both men and women. In our Telegram chat you can discuss which drinks you prefer and why.

Can I drink soda?

According to scientists, the connection of sweet consumptiondrinks and obesity does not explain the increased risk of premature death. When researchers examined the specific causes of death, they found that the frequent consumption of artificially sweetened soft drinks was associated with a higher risk of death from circulatory diseases, while sugar-sweetened soft drinks were associated with a higher risk of death from organ diseases digestion. Soft drinks in general have also been associated with an increased risk of death from Parkinson's disease.

However, the study has several limitations. For example, participants were asked about drinking and lifestyle only at a particular point in time. In addition, the study relies on citizens' self-reporting of their habits. Amelia Lake, a professor of public health at Teesside University (USA), notes that more evidence is needed about the health effects of soft drinks. In this case, Professor Lake agrees with the findings of the authors of the study: you need to drink more water.