Free AI-based Photoshop Camera app

Adobe developers will allowartificial intelligence to independently edit photos. At Adobe MAX 2019 events, the Photoshop Camera application using AI algorithms was demonstrated. Currently, selected users have already gained access to the application to work on devices running iOS and Android.

Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence platform,It is used by the camera to recognize objects in photographs and offers to automatically use certain image filters. Filters are available on screen in real time or can be used for images captured previously.

Artificial intelligence aloneanalyzes the technical characteristics of the image: dynamic range, tonality and type of scene. This will allow the user to optimally select filters or effects. The platform will automatically select the optimal lighting, eliminate perspective distortion. In this case, the user will be able to manually adjust the shadows, highlights and exposure.

The first step in starting up Photoshop Camerausers will be provided with a standard set of templates created in advance by artists and professionals working with Photoshop. Next, the set of templates will be replenished at the choice of moderators. Using Photoshop Camera, the user can create their own filters for selfies. A similar opportunity is already on Facebook and Instagram in the Spark AR application. However, in Photoshop Camera this process is simpler, since filters are multilayer PSD files that can be configured directly in the application.

The most memorable feature of the applicationPhotoshop Camera is the ability to automatically select objects using Adobe Sensei to increase accuracy and further use a variety of effects. The application focuses on user privacy, so all received images remain on the device. To register for the opportunity to familiarize yourself with Photoshop Camera, you must register on the Adobe website. The official release of the application is scheduled for early 2020.

Source: theverge