Foxconn unveils universal platform for electric vehicles (2 photos)

Foxconn is a Taiwanese company that produceshigh-tech electronic devices, including the iPhone for Apple, announced the creation of a universal platform for electric cars. The company plans to conquer up to 10% of the electronic components market for car manufacturers producing electric vehicles. The main tool for achieving this goal will be the release of a universal platform similar to Google's Android OS in the world of smartphones. Foxconn's electric vehicle platform will be available for implementation by most of the world's automotive firms.

Go-to-market announcementelectric vehicles was made at Foxconn Technology Day. Foxconn said that the MIH software and hardware platform will be able to create a wide variety of electric vehicles and will be available to any automaker.

The design of the MIH platform will receive a variablewheelbase ranging from 2750 to 3100 millimeters and will accommodate one or two electric motors. Foxconn developers propose to use 127, 201 and 268 horsepower engines for the front axle, and 201, 268, 322 and 456 horsepower electric motors for the rear axle. Autonomous operation for the platform is provided by accumulator units with a capacity of 93, 100 and 116 kWh. The platform provides for software updates over the air and the connection of the autopilot function.

Foxconn also stated that for the platformMIH will develop a solid-state battery over three years. The development of 10% of the electric car market is planned by 2027. Currently, no joint work with any automaker has yet been announced.