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Four Ways to Stop Global Warming

It seems humanity ever reallywill die out. Now many people fear that the cause of our death may be a coronavirus, but do not forget that people and all living creatures on the planet can be killed by global warming. For the first time, the Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius spoke about a gradual increase in the Earth’s air temperature in 1896. Judging by the massive melting of glaciers and catastrophic fires, his terrifying predictions about the future of humanity are slowly coming true. However, we still have chances to prevent global warming and, according to scientists, for this it is enough to complete only four tasks.

Global warming could ruin the whole planet

According to The Conversation, humanityyou need to plant more trees, transfer to electric cars, start processing carbon dioxide and make the Earth’s surface more reflective. In theory, all of these ways to stop the end of the world can be working. However, some of the proposed options may, on the contrary, harm our planet and increase the increase in air temperature on our planet. But why?


  • 1 Planting trees
  • 2 Transition to electric cars
  • 3 Carbon dioxide processing
  • 4 Increased Earth Reflection

Tree planting

In 2019, employees of the Swiss HigherZurich Technical School announced that there is enough space on our planet for planting a forest of 900 million hectares. If you translate this idea into reality, such a forest will be large as a full-fledged continent and will be able to neutralize 205 billion tons of carbon dioxide produced by mankind, which contributes to the global increase in air temperature. But the researchers emphasized that along with the planting of forests, people will have to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the air, otherwise the grown trees will be practically useless.

Planting a forest is not a salvation from global warming

However, planting trees can speed upglobal warming. If you believe the words of Finnish scientists from the University of Helsinki, inside the trees there are bacteria that actively produce nitrous oxide, which is necessary for the growth of vegetation. This gas may well be emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere, and in fact it contributes to the greenhouse effect 298 times more than carbon dioxide. So there is a chance that it is impossible to cool our planet by planting trees.

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Transition to electric cars

Scientists also believe that reducing the number ofharmful emissions can be massively buying electric cars. The exhaust fumes of cars with internal combustion engines contain many dangerous substances such as soot, toxic aldehydes and the same nitric oxide. All of them get into the air and not only accelerate the rise in temperature of the planet, but also harm the health of people. But the fact that switching to electric cars can save us from global warming can also be argued.

In the production of batteries for electric cars, a lot of harmful substances are released into the air

We already talked about this in the material aboutthe futility of electric cars. Yes, transport with an electric motor does not really produce exhaust gases, but the use of such equipment is still indirectly harmful to the environment. The fact is that cars run on huge batteries at the bottom of the structure. In the manufacture of batteries, a huge amount of harmful substances are also released into the air, since rare earth metals are their important components. Their production is currently considered the dirtiest among extractive industries.

Carbon dioxide processing

To previous ways to stop the globalwarming could be faulted, but the next two seem quite interesting. Carbon dioxide is released into the air by many plants, although it can be captured and used to produce building materials such as limestone. However, at the moment there is no ready-to-use technology for collecting carbon dioxide, so this method of stopping global warming should be put aside.

It would be nice now to capture carbon dioxide and use it to good use.

Earth's increased light reflection

Since our planet is very hot raysSuns, scientists suggest reflecting the light falling on us. In theory, the reflective properties of the Earth can be improved by repainting the roofs of houses in white. It is also possible to cover roads with limestone produced by the aforementioned carbon dioxide processing. In addition, scientists suggest planting more light crops on our planet.

By painting the roofs of houses white, you can make the city colder

It sounds very interesting because scientistsThey say that by “brightening” the surrounding world, cities can be significantly cooled. And in such circumstances, it is possible that people will stop using air conditioners, which also produce large amounts of greenhouse gases.

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In general, scientists urge humanityfight global warming as if it were a world war. Along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it is also important for people to be prepared for new forest fires and to extinguish them as quickly as possible using military equipment. It is worth noting that some animals and plants may well survive global warming - you can read about them in our special material right now.