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Four types of aging of the human body are discovered. What is the difference?

At the end of 2019, scientists from CaliforniaStanford University found that aging is a continuous process. According to the results of their study, it turned out that the physical aging of the body occurs in three stages. The first of them occurs at 34 years old, the second at 60 years old, and the third - upon reaching 78 years of age. Not much time has passed since this discovery, but recently the same group of scientists managed to reveal another detail about the aging process of people. In the course of the study, they managed to discover four main types of aging, including immune, metabolic, hepatic and nephrotic. Sounds somehow complicated, right? In fact, everything is quite simple.

3D model of an elderly person

About the discovery of scientists from Stanford Universitywas told in the medical journal Medical Xpress, which usually publishes medical research results. According to a study leader named Michael Snyder, they already knew that the human body was able to give clear hints of aging. For example, many older people have high cholesterol. But scientists were interested in what other ways our body might hint at that it is aging.

How do people get old?

To find out, scientists conducted a study withinvolving 43 healthy men and women aged 34 to 68 years. By studying the analysis of their blood, stool and urine, scientists over the course of two years have studied exactly what processes occur in their organisms. The study was conducted for only two years with good reason. Having established such a small framework, the researchers wanted to avoid the fact that something changes in people's bodies due to a possible change in diet or exercise.

The aging of the human body occurs due to a combination of different reasons.

In total, scientists managed to collect about 600 signs,which hint at the aging of the body. After studying and sorting them, the researchers identified four types of aging, which were mentioned at the beginning of the news. With the metabolic type of aging, people have an increased risk of developing diabetes and aging of the body is mainly associated with this ailment. People with an immune type of aging are prone to inflammation and over time begin to suffer from autoimmune diseases. The metabolic type of aging implies the appearance of metabolic problems in the body, and the nephrotic type - the occurrence of kidney diseases.

Do you know what causes brain aging?

Researchers noted that in humansseveral types of aging occur at once. But one of them will definitely dominate the others. In the future, authors of scientific work want to conduct even more research in order to obtain more specific results. They hope that their work will ultimately help to overcome old age.

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However, ways to slow down aging even nowthere are so many. Despite the fact that scientists from Max Planck University assure that the rate of aging mainly depends on heredity, we all have the opportunity to abandon bad habits and begin to lead a healthy lifestyle. Does that sound corny? Then you better get acquainted with our special material on this topic.