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Four parasitic worms that prey on your brain

Last month two children aged 12were hospitalized with a diagnosis of brain-eating amoeba, an extremely rare infection found in warm lake and river water. Naegleria fowleri enters the human body through the nose, then reaching the brain, begins to devour its tissue.

In the USA, most cases of infection (and there are only32) were registered between 2001 and 2010 in the south of the country, CNN news agency reported. The last case occurred on August 3. The victim of the parasite was a schoolboy named Zachary Reina.

I wish that devouring the human brainthe parasites lived only in science fiction films, but Naegleria fowleri, as it turns out, is not the only microorganism that, when the opportunity arises, enters the human skull. Want to meet a few more of these parasites? Then go ahead. The faint of heart do not read.

Do not eat poorly fried meat - perhaps the terrible worm Taenia solium is hidden in it

This type of tapeworm is common in Africa,Asia and Latin America. The parasite can live in the intestines of the human host, multiply and go out with bowel movements. Armed tapeworm enters the human body when eating infected pork.

Crazy about the “kote”? Toxoplasma loves them no less than you

The simplest unicellular parasite Toxoplasmagondii feels great in the intestines of felines. The parasite perfectly manipulates its victim. For example, an infected rat changes its behavior. She begins to look for places of cat feces, putting herself at risk of being eaten. Toxoplasma is just what you need. In this way, the parasite will be able to return "home".

Unfortunately, Toxoplasma gondii is no less dangerousfor a person. According to statistics, in the USA every fourth adult is infected with toxoplasma. However, few people notice the disease in themselves, since in most cases it proceeds in a latent form. Presumably, about 65 percent of the world's population is infected with this parasite.

Doctors warn that those infectedpeople’s toxoplasma slows down the reaction, which doubles the risk of getting into a traffic accident. A particular effect of the parasite on women has also been discovered. Among infected female individuals, intentional self-infliction of bodily harm was observed, according to the medical journal JAMA Psychiatry. The acute form of toxoplasmosis affects the immune system and the brain, which can cause schizophrenia.

Are you afraid to look into each other's eyes? So there is a reason for this

Beware of the filamentous worm Loa loa,which is also known as the "eye worm." The parasite is common in West and Central Africa. It can migrate in the human body for 10-15 years. Infection occurs with the bite of flies that live in tropical forests and swamps.

A worm migrating through the tissues can cause itching,inflammation, affect the nervous system and retina. Live larvae can penetrate between the membranes of the brain and cause meningitis. Paradoxical as it may sound, treatment of the disease with the help of medications can harm the body, in which a large number of larvae have accumulated. Dead worms can block capillaries and cause a brain disease that is accompanied by cognitive impairment, memory problems, behavior changes, and other symptoms.

Take care of yourself and do not forget to wash your hands well before eating. Enjoy you!