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Four-legged dinosaurs could walk on two legs, but only in certain conditions

More recently, paleontologists have found that the mostThe dangerous dinosaurs in history were not Rex tyrannosaurs, but the so-called allosaurs. However, there are no doubts that the record holders for weight and size among ancient creatures were herbivorous sauropods, which included diplodocus and brontosaurs. Millions of years ago, they lived on the territory of all continents and, unlike other dinosaurs, were not like birds, but huge elephants. They moved their heavy bodies with four thick limbs, but a recent finding by scientists revealed a very amazing feature of their gait. It turned out that in some cases, huge sauropods could walk on two front legs, lifting their hind legs up. But how is this possible?

The large sizes of sauropods perfectly protected them from predators

The results of a study by American scientists werepublished in the scientific journal Ichnos. The theory that huge dinosaurs knew how to walk on two front legs was put forward by scientists more than ten years ago. The fact is that it was then that the footprints of sauropods were found in the US state of Texas, and only the front ones — as if they did not have back ones. Then the researchers suggested that the huge dinosaurs used their forelimbs as a support when crossing deep rivers. However, this hypothesis was quickly rejected because sauropods are considered terrestrial dinosaurs, not amphibians.

So, according to scientists, sauropods swam

How did dinosaurs swim?

However, in 2007, scientists again had torecall the previously rejected theory. Then, in the limestone quarry of the Texas city of Glen Rose, dozens of new dinosaur tracks were found that lived about 110 million years ago. Like last time, only the outline of the forelimbs was visible on the surface of the earth, and the hind legs either did not touch the ground at all, or exerted very little pressure on it. Scientists are sure that traces were left precisely by sauropods, because the width of the prints reaches 70 centimeters.

Traces of sauropods found in Texas

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Since it’s hard for scientists to imagine how hugedinosaurs could walk on two front legs on the ground, they again suggested that they swam in this way. After all, it may well be that, crossing rivers and lakes, sauropods rested their thick legs against the bottom and repelled, gradually gaining speed? And the fact that these dinosaurs were not amphibians, in fact, does not interfere with the existence of such an assumption. After all, elephants are also considered ground creatures, but this does not prevent them from calmly crossing shallow water bodies.

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In general, sauropods are considered one of the mostinteresting to study dinosaurs. Paleontologists believe that the large size of their body perfectly protected them from predators, because it was extremely problematic to injure such a huge creature. But with their large sizes, sauropods also harmed the planet, because they consumed a lot of vegetation. Just imagine that such animals appeared in the nearest forest and began to eat trees - after a few weeks, only trunks would probably remain from the trees.